La modalitat de l’acció. Anàlisi empírica, reformulació teòrica i representació computacional (2009)

Author: Marta Coll-Florit

Supervisor: Salvador Climent i Irene Castellón

This thesis presents a new model of aspectual classification and representation which is valid for theoretical approaches as well as for applied models, such as computational lexicography. The main contributions of this work can be summarized in three basic points. Firstly, it accounts for different constraint degrees in the interaction between lexical aspect and sentential context, while sheding light on the gradual nature and inherent prototipicity effects of Aktionsart, thus offering a contiguous circle of aspectual categories which opens new ways for understanding the shift between categories. Secondly, aspectual polysemy, and more specifically the relationship between Aktionsart and selectional restrictions, is accounted for, allowing the formulation of new criteria in order to distinguish verbal senses, which is one of the main needs of Natural Language Processing resources. Finally, and more interestingly, this model has been validated empirically by means of corpus linguistic techniques and psycholinguistic experiments.