Semantic Annotation of Nouns and Adjectives in SenSem

The main objective of this project is the semantic annotation of a part of the corpus SenSem (BFF2003-06456) with synsets of EuroWordNet, specifically the semantic annotation of nominal and adjectival words. The task of word sense disambiguation is needed in order to achieve the acquisition of selective restrictions associated with a series of verbal units. This acquisiton is one of the objectives of KNOW project (TIN2006-1549-C03-02). With this goal, we also will do two subtask that are necessary, to create classes of concepts (synsets), because the detail in the description of EuroWordNet is excessive. The result, in addition to allowing the acquisition of selective restrictions, will be a data bank to work on the automatic disambiguation semantics.


Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación FFI2008-02579-E/FILO