Trilingual Parallel Corpora GRIAL: Corpora of technical language for Catalan, Spanish and English

This corpus was developed as part of a project for teaching innovation whose objective was the improvement of the processes for teaching/learning technical English by using a new and different perspective from the traditional language class, by means of the creation of a parallel corpus, that is to say, a collection of texts available in different languages (English-Catalan-Spanish), which include more or less 2.257.498 words, to exemplify the usage of the language within a technical register, more specifically, in the computer science domain.

This corpus is very useful for classes since it can be used as a dynamic resource in the teaching, both for the teacher and for the student. For the teacher, it can be used as a source of material for the creation of exercises, texts for the classes and examples. It can also be used as a guide to develop the class syllabus. Students, on the other hand, can use it to compare the use of language between the English and their mother tongue, whether it be Catalan or Spanish or just to see how words or grammatical structures are used in context.

As the corpus is anotated morphologically and syntactically, this resource is transformed into a very useful instrument for the language class, because it allows us to perform searches not only of collocations but also of wrods with a given category or even of lemmas.


2003-2004 – Generalitat de Catalunya – projecte de Millora de la Qualitat Docent (194 MQD 2002).