Scenario Knowledge Acquisition by Textual Reading (SKATeR)

SKATeR will develop domain-oriented content enabling systems that will provide deep semanticcapabilities to process large quantities of multilingual data. SKATeR will process documents in English,Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician. It will also extract what happened to whom, when and where,removing duplication, complementing information, registering inconsistencies and keeping track of theoriginal sources. Any new information is integrated with the past thereby distinguishing the new from theold and unfolding story lines in a similar way as people tend to remember the past and access knowledgeand information. The difference being that SKATeR will provide access to all original sources and will notforget any details. We will develop tools that will allow professional decision-makers to explore these storylines using visual interfaces to exploit their explanatory power and their systematic structural implications.Likewise, SKATeR will make predictions on future events based on past information or will explain newevents and developments by looking at the past.